Unfinished works, concepts in the sketch book, unrealised projects, there is something missing works, works in the drawer, ongoing failed attempts, works in need of exhibition context to complete their meaning, works in need of commission, side projects, ongoing obsessive drawings, works I’ve been working on for a long time but never resolved, works I always wanted to make Stockholm, 2010
Group exhibition including artists Haruhi Hayashi, Flávia Müller Medeiros and Beltran Obregon
With Research and Development, Stockholm, and writer Eugenia Bell.

The idea of the artwork being ‘activated’ and not complete until it is exhibited. To use the exhibition to attempt finishing an unfinished work that stayed in the drawer for some reason, or to make and finish an unrealized work, or concept. To embrace the idea of failure – some works or ideas might fail once realised – and to use the installation process as way to consider the audience and place to develop the work, as usually happens however this exhibition reflects about this process. A conversation between the artists and curator Marti Manen took place during the installation of works which will be transcribed and available soon.

Unfinished Exhibition, 2010
Installation View: Unfinished Exhibition, 2010

Opening night
Unfinished Exhibition: Opening night

Riso book made during the opening
Unfinished Exhibition: Riso book made during the opening