Scripted Conversations 2009-Ongoing
Spoken script, text, audio

Flávia scripts questions (and responses) she wants to ask people before meeting them, exploring how it effects conversations. Sections are memorised, other times the script is read from directly, at no point hiding the process.

Knowing what I must say or ask, even if it is a ‘Hello’, moves me physically towards a specific person and then I say a scripted ‘Hello’. Before meeting them, I considered who they were, how much I know about them, what I would like to know or what to ask a stranger. When the conversation moves outside the script, I am aware of the shift and that I am improvising.

James leaving du at a Stoke Newington pub, August 2009:


1. (sarcastically) Haven't seen you for a long time!!!!
2. Did you have a nice day?
3. Patrick told me you may have a Norwegian film that I can borrow.
4. Do you buy films?
5. I never thought I would say that but going to the cinema is becoming more and more redundant to me. It is too expensive!
6. Are you still not buying books? Did you catch up with unread books?
7. I listened to a discussion IS THE UNDERGROUND OVER? which was really interesting. Do you think it is? I liked the discussion about the internet self expression.
8. For how long have you known James?


1. Hey, you said you can teach me how to make that ‘mayo’ sauce, I would love to learn. It could be a swap, for the ‘Scorsãsë’ book! What do you think?
2. Did you have a nice day?
3. (say if she asks) I wrote-down specific questions I wanted to ask each person tonight. It is huge the amount of words, ideas, and expressions you exchange in one evening, without thinking. I wanted to make it formal, also so I don’t get caught-up on any emotional turmoil.
4. For how long have you known James?


1. How are you? (sarcastically) Long time no see!
2. Have you thought about a project for Norway?
3. I was wondering if you would like to determine how I should get there as a project, because I can't decide. I'm scared of flying (small airplanes) and maybe don't want to travel by myself, it will be so dark (winter).
4. Did you have a nice day?
5. Are you still working on the book about the workshop?
6. For how long have you known James?


1. Hello, did you have fun Sunday?
2. I didn't like cycling in circle one hundred times. It was a bad metaphor for me at this moment. (say if she asks) I'm having a hard time after coming back from Venice, and also in the studio.
3. Congratulations for your wedding! I heard it was amazing. Did you go on a honey moon?
4. How often do you go home to New Zealand? Do you miss it or do you like London?
5. It must be beautiful. How is it like to live there?
6. How come are you interested in planting your own vegetables and stuff?
7. I met your parents at M‘s bbq. They seem very active and excited. Your mum was telling me about a mountain made out of muffins she made. Do you ever work together?
8. What are you working on at the moment? Do you have any exhibitions coming up?
9. For how long have you known James?


1. (playful) How are you dude?
2. How does it feel to be married?
3. Did you have a honey moon?
4. How can an Italian guy live in London? I'm upset to come back to London after Venice.
5. Are there other cities in Italy like Venice? Kind of small but kind of international at the same time?
6. Have you traveled a lot in Italy?
7. How is Rome in comparison with Venice?
8. What are you working on now?
9. For how long have you known James?


1. How was your project at ICA? Did you discover new ideas?
2. Is there a book about the project?
3. What works/presentations you liked most?
4. I liked the bit I heard you read last Sunday, by the way sorry we didn't stay until the end, but you said 'playing at work, working when playing'. What are you?
5. Do you enjoy making?
6. What are you working on?
7. I would like to do a project/experiment with you: I would like to tell you a story about a life changing experience and to record you telling-back that story as if it was your own. What do you think?
8. For how long have you known James?


1. Hello!
2. So let's talk about your trip to Brazil.
3. Where exactly did you go in Rio and in Sao Paulo?
4. Why did you like more Sao Paulo than Rio?
5. Was it your first time?
6. What are you working on at the moment?
7. I am still interested in the lightest chair in the world.
8. For how long have you known James?

Exhibition Verb: to read and write
at Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, 2010
Audio from script read by automatic
computer voice, text, headphone