Temporary Studio at the ICA with I.D.E.A.London 2005
Interactive Residency
ICA, The Mall, 13-17 June 2005

Commenting on notions of commission, affect and representation, Flávia Müller Medeiros will respond to the role of the contemporary art institution as a place that ‘encourages and nurtures artistic production’.

Flávia has take on an ‘interactive residency’ in the context of I.D.E.A.London, setting up a small studio area inside the ICA. She is committed to produce at least one artwork a day, influenced by the ICA environment. Any interaction, conflict and negotiation between Flávia and the ICA staff, visitors, and the I.D.E.A.London curators will be embraced. The work to be produced is unknown until it begins being made in the ICA. It may be displayed at the studio area or shown to those interested. After the project a small booklet documenting the work will be created.

Art Piece of the Day

Day I: Inspiration wanted
Monday 13 June
Posters and hand out cards
A call to all ICA staff and visitors for inspiration.
Stop by Flávia’s studio at the ICA from 13-17 June 2005 and/or email her at flaviamullermedeiros@hotmail.com

Day II: ICA Cake Tuesday 14 June
Negotiation with the ICA cook whether it was viable for me to bake a cake at the ICA kitchen at 5pm o’clock, right after I had the idea. It was not possible as I was not dressed properly regarding safety regulations. Although the cook could provide the proper jacket, I had to be wearing leather shoes and a baseball hat.

Day III: Please smoke as much as you’d like
Wednesday 15 June
Cards left on the ICA bar tables

Day IV: ICA stolen chair
I take the ICA's chair outside the building, and walk to a busy street corner nearby, where I place the chair to be taken away by another.
Thursday 16 June

Day V: Institutional Work Out
All staff invited to my morning Institutional exercise.
Friday 17 June
ICA Café area